So you definitely like my style? Fab, why not ask me about commissions, with a range of subject options and prices to suit your pocket.

Want something extra special? Then you’ll want The Works.

The Works involves:

  • Two interviews with you to understand all those extra special things in your life that you would like integrated into your bespoke painting. This can be a face to face interview or by FaceTime/Skype, whatever you prefer
  • The first interview will be detailed during which I’ll get to know you (and/or the person or people the painting is for) and the key events in your life and the meaningful stories that are important to you. I take notes and review these with you at the end to make sure I have understood everything correctly. We will agree a relevant setting or theme that you are happy with, for example, your home or a holiday theme and you can see a portfolio of some of the previous work I have completed for inspiration and to help you to see what things I can do. I will also give you a rough idea of prices. At this point if you wish to go ahead I will take a non-refundable deposit of £50
  • Then I begin the design process which involves a rough sketch and text notes. We then meet again for a second interview to review the sketch design, decide on some of the relevant details, features and key colours as well as the size of the paper. We can look through the portfolio again to finalise and detail your main choices. If you have photos that you are happy to share, they would be very useful
  • At this point we can agree and record a final price. I will usually draw out the full size outline design which I will then message to you
  • Throughout the painting process I will send you updates on the various stages so you can see how the painting is unfolding

Depending on how far into the painting process I am it may be possible to include additional work or make minor changes if required. I will let you know how much this will cost and we can review the price accordingly.
Timescales can vary but I will give you an estimation of lead time from the point of agreeing the final design. If you need the painting for a special date of significance please let me know at the outset. You will no doubt want your painting framed and you need to take into account your framer’s timescales too. If you want to arrange framing through me I can do this too.

Alternatively you may prefer something simpler or perhaps a print. Just ask for details.

Please do get in touch with me if you have any questions.