About Me

After completing a Foundation Year many moons ago in Liverpool, my home town, I more recently rediscovered my passion for art through adult education watercolour classes in my adopted town of Rugby, England. I find painting with watercolour to be a constant challenge both mentally and technically to produce the desired effects and to accept the happy accidents that often occur and to learn from them. Painting gives me the balance I need in my life.

Things that inspire me in the real world are urban decay, architectural structures, street art and how nature begins to reclaim its space in the absence of human activity. My recent illustrative work is very colourful in its approach. First impressions of my work might be that it is sentimental, simple and obvious but often, when you look for it, there is a wry twist on the face value of the subject matter and I hope my sense of humour comes through in the various cheerful passages of each piece.

With commissioned work it’s important for me to establish a rapport and relationship with each person, couple or family. Through ongoing discussions I aim to glean the meanings that people associate with everyday objects, places and experiences that I can incorporate into their piece to make them truly unique. Often the finished pieces provide many talking points for the individuals that commission the work.

This narrative based approach is important to me as an artist as it enables me to interpret experiences and express these within the composition, design and execution of each painting. Although it takes more time to establish what is meaningful in people’s life stories it is time well spent if I can produce a piece that is ultimately cherished, loved and provides a centrepiece that people will want to share with others.

I hope you enjoy my work.