Deli-Licious! Mmmmmm...!

24th of April 2021
If you’ve ever been to the beautiful chocolate box English village of Broadway then you cannot have missed the fabulous Broadway Deli. Built around 17th Century from rich, golden Cotswold stone it was formerly a vicarage and then later in the 1960s it became St. Patrick’s Tea Rooms. The Deli has been well and truly Dazzler18’d with its blood orange sun and other fruit and veg going large in an attempt to draw in customers. Not that the Deli has to try too hard as it’s such a popular place. If you ever get to visit Broadway Village make sure you pay a visit to the Deli. It’s totally Deli-Licious! McDonalds it ain’t ;o)

Heart of England

29th of October 2020
When I got a message asking me to create an image as a ‘thank you’ card for the members for the Royal College of Occupational Therapists West Midlands Region I was delighted at being given the opportunity and proud to have been entrusted with the responsibility of bringing to life their ideas.

We set up a small project steering group in the autumn of 2020 to discuss the ideas for the design brief and to select the final design. The steering group were keen to incorporate a sense of hope and positivity that summed the spirit of the many occupational therapy workers in the West Midlands who had ‘stepped up’ and gone above and beyond their duty during the ongoing pandemic. Occupational therapists and their support staff are an incredibly important part of the health and social care workforce. They are often involved in supporting people to re-engage in meaningful everyday tasks such as getting back to work after an illness, looking after themselves at home or engaging in leisure to support their mental health and physical well-being.

After our discussions on what was important we agreed on a design that included many bright and colourful natural elements, a sense of spirituality, a sunflower sun, a rainbow arc and its symbolism of togetherness during the pandemic, a tranquil sea, an arrangement of meaningful ‘occupation’ focused signs in the centre, the names and postcodes of the main shires, cities and towns that made up the wider Midlands conurbation, natural elements such as trees, upturned hands that created the impression of a tree of life and a vibrant floral border.

With these ideas in mind I created the design that formed the basis of the final painting, the Heart of the Midlands. All of my sketches are just that- a rough and ready expression of ideas that is totally transformed during the watercolour process. This video shows the entire painting process through photos and time-lapse effects. It includes text commentary at various points to explain what I’m doing or what is influencing me at that particular point. Some artists don’t like being videoed whilst they paint but I find it really helpful to reflect back on choices that I’m making and how successful these have been and of course what I can do to improve my abilities of using this fascinating medium.

I hope you enjoy the video and if you would like to purchase a copy please check this website for further details or if you are interested in commissioning me to create something personal for you or your organisation just drop me a line at

Jean’s Flowers

25th of April 2020
Jean’s Flowers is the second foray into an exploration of independent businesses in Rugby Town. This offering will be November in a forthcoming The Rugby Town calendar for 2021. Keep an eye on my DestructionArts YouTube channel and Instagram for updates...
Jean’s Flowers: From start to finish...
Music created, composed, performed and owned by Darren Awang