The Rough House

The Rough House

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This darker panorama is one of my personal favourites. Seaview, like any seaside town, has its run down areas on the edge of town. The houses are dilapidated and some are completely derelict and vandalised. Nature has begun to exert its gentle but persistent reclamation of abandoned buildings. McBoaty's, a once thriving boat repairers for the many boats that graced the Seaview waters, has changed its business model to become a breakers yard as the rusty fishing boats pile up at the harbour side. The eponymous Rough House is reduced to selling Andy's Mild (whoever he is) at an embarrassing knock down price of 50p a pint to try to bring in new punters and keep hold of its existing but dwindling clientele. The once colourful harbour walls, reminiscent of Horta Harbour in the Azores, are now well beyond their heyday as the painted emblems and flags of the seafaring visitors of yesteryear begin to fade and crumble. Seaview, now in decline, mourns its proud and vibrant past.

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