Rugby Space Port

Rugby Space Port

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Let me take you down cos I'm going to Rugby's world-famous Space Port. In a not too distant utopian future, Rugby has transformed one of its controversial landmarks into an ambitious hub for international space travel with its very own Spacemex, an Anglo-Mexican venture of meteoric proportions. Spacemex offers members of the public daily trips to moonbase Spacemecca built from the world famous Rugby yellow brick. Monorails link the hub to all parts of wider Warwickshire ferrying lucky Smextronauts (as they are known) to work or parties in zero gravity. Rumour has it that Rugby, a centre of known UFO activity, has exploited a wealth of alien technology following the unexplained tornadoes of 2012 to help it become Europe's premier space program. Sinister activities and strange electronic sounds around the mysterious Area CV51 provide the locals with a ready supply of intriguing gossip. But best not to ask too many questions about our alien friends. After all it keeps the local economy thriving...

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