The Rugby Town

The Rugby Town

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Well I consider this to be a cracker! The Rugby Town has been my adoptive hometown for over ten years. I think Rugby is just great and it has been especially kind to the Dazzler18 (not that he deserves it). Apparently he spent quite a number of weeks knocking up this painterly lockdown masterpiece - a veritable arty ode to all things Rugby.

And in honour to all things arty and Rugbyesque the Rugby Art Gallery and Museum had to be at the painting’s beating heart and it sits proudly as the central community hub of the local creative world. It’s golden yellow facade contrasted by its multifaceted Union Jack glass frontage pays homage to the street art style of DRT - see the London Calling Blog. There are echoes of classic Mondrian on each side and its hollowed and contoured roof finally houses the Giant Rugby Ball it has so richly deserved to display since the building was first opened in 2000. It’s rumoured from secret classified Council documents that the original architects had initially designed in the Giant Rugby Ball but it was deemed a tad too eccentric for the powers that be. Never mind... at last Rugby now has its crowning glory albeit 20 years too late.

On either side of RAGM are some familiar shops and businesses to brighten up your day including from left to right the House of Cards, Maia Gelato (mmmm...), the Annex Studios (oh yeah), Jean’s Flowers (smells great), Hunts bookshop and the Barber shop. A selection of brightly coloured sculpted rugby balls peep out behind the Rugby in Bloom flower pots which adorn and beautify the town centre streets unfailingly each year. The partly hidden roundabout is home to the impressive rusted iron Clifton Cruisers narrowboat sculpture which had its (all too short) temporary home on the Leicester Road dual carriageway between Tesco and Elliott’s Field in 2019/20. It quietly disappeared during the Great Lockdown of 2020 never to be seen again... but wait! A new narrowboat suddenly appears in August 2020. What the heck is going on? Yet another Covid mystery.

Despite his inexorable knack of dumbing down his work this piece has some big fans particularly those in the Rugby Art Gallery and Museum who liked it so much that they decided it would look fab on an environmentally friendly reusable coffee cup. Lovely people! In an unlikely moment of vanity fuelled madness Dazzler18 acceded to this request once again showing his lack of artistic integrity and his aversion to actually living the life of the poor artist when presented with the opportunity for popular success. He’ll never be a “proper artist” if he carries on like that. Not to worry...

One of Dazzler18’s big loves is colour and The Rugby Town has oodles of colour emanating from its very pulp I tell you. Grab a print while you can

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